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We extensively care for the safety and security of your profile and the personal information provided by you. Our Customer Care Relations Members ensures that every profile put up on our website is screened for irrelevant or inappropriate content. You can also exercise some simple precautions for your privacy & for a safe and secure online by using our privacy settings available for advantageous matrimony experience.

Take care/Steps to ensure your safety while searching for a life partner:

• You should keep your login details like username and password confidential, as your profile is your responsibility.

• Remain incognito to a person unless you fully know them. This is one of the most important tips to consider while you register your profile in any online matrimony. Ensure that you do not display your complete information like contact number and address. Make use of privacy settings at its best.

• Avoid using signatures in your email so as to remain anonymous to the person whom you are unaware of.

• Never provide personal information like name, email address, residential address, telephone numbers, place of work or any other identifying information initially.

• Never share your financial details like bank account number, online banking credentials, credit card details etc.

• With the security filters provided by the online sites, take a control on displaying your private information. Only the basic information like your education, family information and few other details are displayed online.

• While it is quite common for every one of us to provide our basic information and give our own contact number, always remember that it is not advisable to give your own mobile number. Provide your parents contact number. This would ensure security in many ways.

• Involve your family as it is a union of two families and their guidance plays a key role in decision making. Marriage is something which needs to be accepted by our parents.

• If you are meeting a person first time, take a friend or family members along with you.

• Ask many questions to him/her and watch for contradiction. This will help you identify liars & cons, and it will help you find out if you're truly compatible partner.

• All that glitters is not Gold, so don't be drawn by the looks and the profile content alone.

• Watch out for people who ask unwanted questions or vague about their answers

• Though our matrimonial site verify the users there are still ways people may find to fool the system. So always stay alert and never provide your complete information in the first few instances.

• Aapkijori team will never call & ask for your user id and password to login to your account. So do not pay attention to any calls which ask for the above requisites.